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Who Can Not Eat Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a protein-rich powder made of purified soybean protein, casein, whey protein (lack of isoleucine), pea protein and other proteins, or a combination of the above-mentioned proteins. Its purpose is to supplement protein for people who lack protein. It can be used as a functional additive in food industry production.

Doubts About Safety

Exercise supplements are defined as exercise nutritious food. They are classified as health care products. Supplements make people think of drugs, which will make people feel defensive. Will the product have side effects? The exercise supplement is a kind of dietary supplement. It refers to the inability to take in enough nutrients in the diet. So, the required nutrients can be supplemented through dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are ingredients extracted from food. They are food, not drugs. So, it is safe within the recommended measurement.

Is There Any Side Effect of High Protein Diet

According to a study by ISSN International Sports Nutrition Society, the subjects took 4g protein/kg/day for 3 months. And no renal function decline was found in the subjects. It can be explained that high protein diet has no effect on renal function damage in healthy adults. People with diseases and renal function problems need to follow the doctor's advice.

Whey protein comes from unused raw materials extracted during cheese processing, mainly milk extract. So, protein supplement is sports nutritious food. If the user has no adverse reaction to milk, it is safe to use whey protein. Whey protein raw materials are cheap. Counterfeiting is of little significance and illegal cost is high. So, it is safe to use.

Lactose Intolerance, Bloating and Diarrhea After Drinking Milk

More than 76 percent of Asians have lactose intolerance. Typical symptoms are abdominal distension, abdominal pain, farting and diarrhea after drinking milk and whey protein powder. There is no habit of drinking milk. The body lacks lactase. And it cannot digest and decompose lactose. So, it produces the above reaction.

These can be improved by small and multiple intakes. Most people can disappear lactose intolerance under long-term use. Lactose intolerance reaction occurs. But it does not affect the absorption and use of protein.

Lactose intolerant people can choose plant protein powder. And they can choose isolated whey protein or hydrolyzed whey protein.

People Who Are Not Suitable for Eating Protein Powder

In medicine, doctors suggest that people with renal insufficiency should not eat protein powder. They consume a large amount of protein. And it will accelerate the damage to the kidney. Long-term excessive protein intake will increase the burden on the kidney. It goes from a compensated state to a decompensated state. Then the damage to kidney is permanent and irreversible. And the impact on islet function is easy to induce diabetes.

Eric Carter