What are the Differences Between Propolis and Honey?

In life, propolis and honey are no strangers to everyone. These two nutrients can provide a variety of nutrients to people's bodies. It can ensure that the body can have a better state. It can also prevent certain diseases. But many people tend to confuse honey and propolis. They think it is the same product, and the effect is the same. In fact, the two are different nutritional products and have different effects on people. Let's analyze the differences between the two.

The acquisition method is different. Propolis is a glue-packed substance. It is ingested by bees from the new buds of plants, including flower buds and wounded resin. It is synthesized through the secretions of bees, transformed and processed. Only rubber pickers can take the job of picking rubber. Generally, in a colony of tens of thousands of bees, only about 0.2 grams of resin material can be collected per day. It is then processed and transformed into propolis.

Honey is a sweet and viscous transparent or translucent liquid. It is mainly derived from nectar. Nectar is the secretion of the nectaries in the flowers of plants. The bees use the tongue tube to suck it and store it in the sac. After returning to the nest, the honey is brewed repeatedly to form honey.

The nutrition provided is different. Fresh and mature honey contains more than 70% glucose and fructose, and the content of sucrose is less than 5%. It also contains nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Taking honey can improve intestinal digestion. Taking honey can enhance memory function. Taking honey can reduce fatigue and aging. It provides abundant calories for the body. The honey should be taken scientifically. Don't boil it. It will cause the loss of internal nutrients. Just take it with warm water.

The health effect of propolis is more prominent. It is a health food. Propolis is the main raw material for production. Propolis can improve immunity, improve sleep quality, regulate blood sugar and blood lipids, and enhance intestinal function. It has health benefits such as anti-aging and anti-fatigue. You can eat it with confidence. People who eat propolis often have better physical fitness and strong resistance. It is worth noting that people with allergies should take it with caution.

The purpose is different. Although both propolis and honey are food, they play different roles inside them. Honey can be used as a product for people or as food for ordinary honey. Propolis is not just a kind of food for people. It protects the safety of the bee colony in the hive and reduces the production of bacteria and viruses in the hive.

The above are the three differences between honey and propolis. The two are different in their usual eating methods and efficacy. If you have a demand for these two nutritional products, you can make a reasonable choice based on their different functions. Everyone should eat it in the correct way. Often eating this kind of nutrient is very helpful to people's body.

Eric Carter