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Top 7 Health Benefits of Fish Oil & Omega 3

Benefits of Fish Oil for Heart Disease Prevention

Fish oil comes from the tissues of fatty fish and is a good source of polyunsaturated fats known as omega-3 fatty acids, which play a role in heart function. Fish oil supplements have long been marketed as having heart health benefits.

While fish oil supplements have been found to help lower triglycerides and blood pressure, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting their use to prevent heart disease in the general population.

This article will examine what fish oil does, its benefits, side effects, breeds with the highest omega-3s, and what to know about taking and choosing supplements.

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The Link Between Omega-3s and Heart Health

Omega-3s are important components of cell membranes and are vital to heart, blood vessel, lung, hormonal, and immune system functions. Research has shown that eating fish and other seafood is beneficial for heart health, especially if these foods are chosen over less-healthy foods.

Eating seafood one to four times a week can lower your risk of dying from heart disease.

Studies on whether taking fish oil supplements can protect against heart disease have produced conflicting results. While some older studies have suggested fish oil could be beneficial, more recent studies have found little or no evidence that fish oil supplements protect against heart disease.

Types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids There are three types of omega-3 fatty acids: Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) : Found in plant oils such as flaxseed, soybean, and canola oils; nuts, and seeds

: Found in plant oils such as flaxseed, soybean, and canola oils; nuts, and seeds Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) : Found in oily fish like salmon and tuna, and other seafood

: Found in oily fish like salmon and tuna, and other seafood Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): Found in oily fish like salmon and tuna, and other seafood ALA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, which means your body can’t make it and you must get it from food. EPA and DHA are not considered essential omega-3s, because they can be produced from ALA. However, the body can only convert ALA into EPA and DHA in small amounts, so proper levels can only be derived from food or supplements.

There have also been conflicting research results on whether fish oil supplements are helpful in reducing future cardiovascular events in those with existing heart disease or at high cardiovascular risk.

The reasons for conflicting study results could be because they didn't account for the greater consumption of seafood and more people taking medications that reduce the risk of heart attacks. The formulation and dosage of fish oil supplements might also play a role in differing study results.

One 2019 study found that taking daily fish oil supplements was effective at lowering the risk of heart disease and death and that greater heart health benefits are achieved with higher doses.

Common Fish Breeds High in Omega-3s Omega-3 content varies greatly among fish and seafood. Cold-water fatty fish contain the highest amounts of omega-3s. Fish breeds high in omega-3s include: Salmon




Sardines Fish that are lower in fat such as bass, tilapia, cod, and shellfish also contain omega-3s, but at lower levels than fatty fish.

3 Potential Heart Benefits of Fish Oil

Although fish oil supplements haven't been proven to directly help protect against heart disease, fish oil is considered to be beneficial in lowering certain risk factors for heart disease. These benefits include:

Lowering Triglycerides

Fish oil has been shown to lower blood triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood that can build up in artery walls. Having high levels of triglycerides is linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

High-dose (4 grams) EPA fish oil supplements have been found to significantly reduce cardiovascular events in people with high blood triglyceride levels who are at increased risk of heart disease.

Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease. Fish oil has been found to lower blood pressure in people with normal blood pressure and those with high blood pressure.

Consuming 3 grams of EPA and DHA omega-3s per day through seafood or fish oil supplements is recommended as the optimal dose for controlling blood pressure, especially for those with high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure or who are at high risk of heart disease may experience added benefits from consuming more than the recommended 3 grams per day of EPA and DHA.

Lowering Inflammation

Inflammation plays a role in heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. It increases the growth of plaque (made up of fatty substances) in the blood vessels and loosens plaque, which can lead to blood clots.

Fish oil supplements have been found to increase anti-inflammatory molecules in the body for up to 24 hours, although it’s not clear if this plays a role in reducing heart disease risk. The use of fish oil to reduce inflammation in those with and without heart disease is still being researched.

How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?

Fish oil supplements should only be taken by those with heart disease under the direction of a healthcare provider. Eating two 3.5-ounce servings of non-fried seafood one to two times a week has been shown to have heart health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cardiac death.

Three grams of EPA and DHA fish oil per day consumed through seafood or fish oil supplements has been found to be the optimal dose for blood pressure control.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends consuming no more than 5 grams per day of EPA and DHA combined from dietary supplements.

Prescription Fish Oil Supplements There are two prescription fish oil supplements approved by the FDA for adults with high triglycerides. They are: Lovaza: A combination of DHA and EPA with daily recommended dosage of 4 grams per day; can be used along with diet to reduce very high triglycerides, being greater than or equal to 500 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL)

A combination of DHA and EPA with daily recommended dosage of 4 grams per day; can be used along with diet to reduce very high triglycerides, being greater than or equal to 500 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) Vascepa: EPA-only supplement with a daily recommended dosage of 4 grams per day; can be used along with diet to reduce very high triglycerides (greater than or equal to 500 mg/dL), or with statins to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events for adults who have high triglycerides (greater than or equal to 150 mg/dL) and heart disease or high risk of heart disease

Side Effects

Side effects from taking fish oil are typically mild and can include:

Unpleasant taste

Bad breath

Heartburn, nausea, or stomach discomfort



Smelly sweat

Choosing the Best Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil supplements are available in formulations that include fish oil, krill oil, and cod liver oil. Dosages can vary widely, but a typical supplement will provide approximately 1,000 milligrams

of fish oil including 180 milligrams of EPA and 120 milligrams of DHA.

The omega-3s in fish oil generally come in either triglyceride or ethyl ester forms, with the triglyceride form being better absorbed by the body.

It's important to note that other than the prescription therapies Lovaza and Vascepa, fish oil supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and may contain toxins and additional unhealthy ingredients like saturated fatty acids. Dosage and formulations also can vary widely between products, making it important to check product labels for the types and amounts of omega-3s they contain.

People with high triglyceride levels should also not attempt to treat themselves with nonprescription fish oil supplements. If you are considering using fish oil supplements for any reason, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider first.

Talk to your healthcare provider before starting any fish oil supplement. Omega-3 supplements can interact with some medications, including drugs that affect blood clotting. High doses may also increase the risk of an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation. It is not known if they are safe for those with seafood allergies.


Fish oil supplements are widely marketed as having heart health benefits. However, research is conflicting and fish oil supplementation is not recommended for preventing heart disease in the general population. Fish oil supplements have been found to help lower triglycerides and blood pressure, and fight inflammation, which are all risk factors for heart disease.

Over-the-counter fish oil supplements can vary widely in dosage and formulation and are not overseen by the FDA. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider if you are considering taking fish oil supplements.

A Word From Verywell

Despite the hype, many of the claims about fish oil supplements and heart health have not been backed up by the most current scientific research. If you are considering taking fish oil, it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider to see if taking the supplements could be beneficial based on your individual health concerns.

21 Health Benefits Of Fish Oil Capsules And Why They Work

If you are someone who is health-conscious and aware of the vital nutrients your body needs, chances are you might have heard about fish oil capsules benefits already! If not, worry not, this article would let you know all details about fish oil capsules and how you can include them in your daily routine to make the most of it! While most of you must be aware of the healthy fats and nutrients you can get from consuming fish, few many not really develop a taste for it! Their sight, taste, or even smell might keep you from eating fish! That’s when fish oil capsules can help you get all those benefits of fish packed into a tiny palatable capsule! All you need to do is pop one in, and you are sorted for the day! Read on to delve deeper into the clear waters of fish oil capsules benefits!

Fish Oil Capsules—A Brief

Fish oil capsules are widely used supplements made from the oil of fishes like cod, halibut, herring, salmon, mullet, mackerel, tuna, bluefish, sardines, trout, whale blubber, etc. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other vital nutrients, these supplements offer a broad range of health and beauty benefits. Other than this, fish oil capsules also carry Alpha-linolenic acid or ALA and Gamma-linolenic acid, which is just wonderful for us.

StyleCraze Trivia Fish oil has all three types of omega-3 fats – EPA, DHA, and ALA, while the plant-derived alternatives are higher in ALA.

Fish Oil Capsule Health Benefits

Fish oil capsule is just like gold for us, and for those who hate the smell of fish but want to reap the benefits. Here’s how you can benefit from fish oil consumption.

Fish oil benefits

Health Benefits

1. Lowers Triglyceride Levels

Fish oil capsule successfully brings down the levels of triglyceride in our blood.

Why Does It Work

Triglycerides are a particular type of fat, which can be found in our bloodstream in plenty. When the amount of triglycerides present in the blood becomes higher than the standard levels, we become vulnerable to various metabolic syndromes including diabetes, heart diseases, etc. In such situations, fish oil capsules can be helpful as they can decrease the triglyceride levels significantly. According to scientists, one 1 gm. fish oil capsule can lower as much as 50% triglycerides in our body (1).

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Capsules made of Omega-3 fish oil can bring down blood pressure level, ensuring you reach your old age without any health issues.

Why Does It Work

Omega-3 fatty acids comprise Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), known to play a significant role in expanding the blood vessels. It makes the blood flow through the arteries smoothly and brings its pressure down to a great extent (2). Omega-3 fatty acids also possess excellent anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory properties, which keep hypertension at bay.

3. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

A daily dose of fish oil capsules can ensure proper functioning of your cardiovascular system.

Why Does It Work

As mentioned earlier, fish oil capsules can lower triglyceride levels and reduce high blood pressure levels with its Omega-3 fatty acid content. This also helps in preventing and curing fatal cardiovascular diseases (3). Regular intake of this supplement can diminish the chances of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the walls) or blockage (due to plaque formation) in the coronary arteries. It also puts an end to heart rhythm abnormalities and lowers the risk of deadly cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, etc. by 27%.

4. Keeps The Bones Healthy

You can keep your bones healthy by opting for fish oil capsules. It can treat osteoporosis or weak bones in older adults effectively by increasing the density of the bones and decreasing the rate of bone loss.

Why Does It Work

The omega-3 fatty acids present in the supplements control the amount of minerals present in the bones and their adjacent tissues, making them significantly stronger. Consistent use of fish oil capsules can also heal rheumatoid arthritis along with the acute pain and morning stiffness associated with it (4).

5. Averts The Risk Of Cancer

When it comes to averting certain types of cancer, fish oil capsules are considered as a reliable remedy.

Why Does It Work

Being a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, it can stimulate the growth of normal and healthy cells in our body. It also ensures that they do not turn into cancerous tumors through mutation. It has also been found that fish oil capsules can identify the abnormal cell growth (if any) formed in our body and stop them from growing further. Usually, we can stay away from the breast, colon, and endometrial cancer by taking these supplements on a regular basis (5).

6. Keeps Renal Issues At Bay

Whether you want to protect your kidneys from severe diseases or are already suffering from renal issues, fish oil capsules can be a wonder drug for you. All you need to do is to take 4 to 8 grams of these supplements every day and watch your health get better.

Why Does It Work

Research has shown that long-term use of fish oil capsules can prevent a certain form of glomerulonephritis called ‘IgA Nephropathy’ or ‘Berger’s Disease.’ They can even delay the possibilities of kidney failure in high-risk patients. If the functionalities of your kidneys have been affected by diabetes, fish oil capsules can help limit the loss of protein through urination (6).

7. Protects From Type-II Diabetes

Those who have Type-II diabetes can benefit from fish oil capsules as the supplement works as an anti-inflammatory agent due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in it. This quality prevents inflammation of our fat tissues.

Why Does It Work

It has been found that the inflammation of fat cells can lead to Type-II diabetes by causing insulin resistance in our body. Now you know why these capsules are a must for you (7).

8. Eases Pregnancy Complications

Fish oil capsules can promote a smooth and healthy pregnancy by easing the complications associated with it.

Why Does It Work

The omega-3 fatty acids present in them contain plenty of Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA, which, being one of the major structural components of our brain, skin, and retina, can stimulate the overall development and growth of the fetus in our womb. These supplements can curb various complications that can arise during pregnancy, restricting premature births and making sure that the newborn is not underweight. It is also evident from different studies that regular intake of fish oil capsules can prevent repeated miscarriages and increase the rate of birth in women having antiphospholipid syndrome (8).

9. Promotes Weight Loss

Dream of a bikini body but not able to achieve that? Fish oil capsule is the way to go.

Why Does It Work

Both DHA and EPA components of omega-3 fatty acids present in the supplement are effective in eliminating additional body fat. As per the findings, intake of 6 grams of this supplement a day can help us burn enough calories, thereby melting body fat (9).

10. Shields Against Pollution

Those living in cities would understand the desperate need to shield the skin from the polluted air in the environment. Fish oil gets the job done.

Why Does It Work

It protects the body from the harmful effects of air pollution while tackling the effects of pollution exposure (10).

11. Prevents damage from sun exposure

You can’t avoid going out in the sun, and sunscreen doesn’t cover it all for you. But fish oil can protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays. It can be used to treat the effects of prolonged sun exposure like sunburn and tanning (11).

12. Improves Mental Health

We spend hours working out to maintain our physical health, but somewhere down the road, we ignore its equally important counterpart—mental health. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil keep our brain healthy, dealing with all kinds of mental disorders.

Why Does It Work

Regular consumption of fish oil reduces the risk of depression. It reduces the levels of aggression as well. It is also known to lessen the possibility of schizophrenia. Fish oil improves concentration, enhances memory, and even improves cognitive functioning of the brain. Pregnant women are advised to take fish oil supplements so that the baby will have good brain power. Fish oil also effectively prevents Alzheimer’s disease (12).

StyleCraze Trivia It is recommended to take fish oil supplements with a meal containing fats, as dietary fats improve absorption of omega 3 fatty acids( 22 ).

13. Improves Immunity And Metabolic Rate

Your immune system should be stronger than any bacteria, virus or anything that can make you sick.

Why Does It Work

Fish oil enhances your immunity to fight against any foreign particles that try to mess up with your body. Moreover, it boosts your metabolism, which not only keeps your body healthy but also helps in banishing that fat real fast (13).

14. Helps In The Treatment Of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a problem found in people, irrespective of their age—young, middle-aged as well as the old. Hyperactivity, dyslexia, emotional instability and fickleness, lack of coordination, poor attention and concentration, weak memory—these are some of the symptoms and effects of this disorder. Some studies have shown that the intake of fish oil helps in treating these disorders (14).

15. Improves Fertility

Regular intake of fish oil is believed to improve the fertility condition in women, which ultimately enhances the chances of conception (15).

16. Healthy hair and skin

Fish oil capsules can enhance your beauty to a large extent by making your skin and hair better. It is used topically as well as consumed to treat and prevent many skin diseases. It effectively treats acne, eczema, skin rashes, skin redness, ulcers, and psoriasis. Fish oil also helps to retain moisture in the dry skin, keeping it well hydrated.

Why Does It Work

The omega-3 fatty acid content of the supplement can boost the collagen production in our body, lending a youthful look. It can help retain the natural moisture of our cells, keeping the skin well-hydrated throughout the year. Regular consumption of these capsules can rid you of acne problems and ensure blemish-free skin (16). Apart from omega-3s, fish oil capsules are also rich in protein. It strengthens our hair strands from the inside, making them healthier, and eventually stimulating their growth.

StyleCraze Says Consuming fish oil may also speed up the wound healing process. The omega-3 fats in it are responsible for this property ( 23 ).

17. Carries Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Fish oil capsules can bring down inflammation in our blood and tissues. So, it’s no surprise that is regularly advised to those suffering from various degrees of chronic inflammatory disorders like celiac disease, gastrointestinal disorders and the like (17).

18. Eases Arthritis Pain

Many studies have noted that fish oil capsule can actually soothe the pain caused by arthritis.

Why Does It Work

Using fish oil capsules can put an end to the usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, thus becoming a natural remedy for this disease. It also has a huge role in reducing the impact of cartilage destroying enzymes (18).

19. Treats Depression

I am sure you haven’t really given this a thought. But yes, fish oil capsule is capable of bringing us back from the darkness of depression and negativity.

Why Does It Work

It is unsurprisingly the presence of omega 3 fatty acids that relieve us from the feeling of sadness, anxiety, mental fatigue, stress and of course, depression. Fish oil capsules also stabilize our mood, hence making us feel somewhat calm and composed (19).

20. Good For Eyes

Fish oil capsules are just amazing in protecting us from eye disorders. It also helps avoid the macular degeneration, a gift of old-age.

Why Does It Work

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are just the best for our eyes (20).

21. Best For People Who Exercise

Did you know that popping fish capsules helps you shed a few kilos while you exercise?

Why Does It Work

Obviously, it’s because of the presence of omega three fatty acids that make this a fat-loss solution by regulating proper metabolism in the body. It is advised to take a regular dose of fish oil capsule accompanied by aerobic exercise thrice a week for three months to get best results (21).

A Word Of Caution

Fish oil offers miraculous benefits for our health, but just like other commercialized products, it also carries certain risks. Go through the points below to make sure you are not killing yourself without knowing about the imminent risks.

An Overdose of fish oil can result in bleeding, and hemorrhage stroke. The daily intake of omega-3 acids recommended by FDA is limited to 3000mg. But it is important for people suffering from any medical condition to first consult a physician to know the appropriate dosage of fish oil.

Also, the predator fish like Sharks are contaminated by toxins, and that is why the oil derived from predator fish should be avoided. Find fish oils derived from fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, which are not only nutritious but also safe for consumption.

Infographic: Things To Consider Before Buying Fish Oil Capsule There is no doubt that fish oil supplements are popular nutraceuticals that boast of many health benefits. In response to their surge in demand, many brands sell these nutritious pills in different forms and formulations. Here’s a helpful infographic that will help you decide which fish oil supplement is best for you as you navigate through the numerous available fish oil supplements. Check it out!

Fish oil capsules are nutrient-dense and provide an array of health benefits. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids like Docosahexaenoic (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic (EPA). The benefits of fish oil capsules include promoting heart, brain, and bone health. Furthermore, they may also boost mental health, immunity, and fertility. It may help manage diabetes and weight as well. Fish oil capsules may help ease arthritis pain and pregnancy complications. However, excessive use can lead to side effects. If you experience any adverse effects, limit its use and seek medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fish oil increase weight?

No. Despite its high fat content, fish oil does not increase weight. However, excess consumption of fish oil may increase metabolic weight.

What age can take fish oil?

Fish oil supplements are considered safe for people of all ages. They were found to have little impact on the risk of allergies by age 1.

Can I take fish oil at night?

Yes. You can take fish oil at any time of the day or night.

Does fish oil reduce gray hair?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that fish oil supplementation protects against gray hair. However, limited data is available to prove this claim.

Till then, take care!

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Fish Oil & Omega 3

Fish oil and the omega-3 fatty acids it contains are considered essential in the supplement industry. The health benefits of fish oil are numerous. Your brain, heart, eyes, and more are positively impacted with plenty of omega-3s in your diet. If you own or manage a company that distributes soft gel supplements to your customers, fish oil and omega-3s are one item you’ll want to always keep in your inventory.

What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil & Omega-3?

Gaining an understanding of the health benefits of fish oil and omega-3 is beneficial for anyone looking to buy or sell this supplement. Although your clients should always consult a doctor before adding a supplement to their daily regimen, you can help prepare them to ask the right questions and make an informed decision.

The benefits of including Fish Oil and Omega-3 to your diet include:

Improve Mood & Mental Health

Improve Heart Health

Improve Brain Health

Improve Eye Health

Supports Prenatal and Maternal Health

Improve Bone and Joint Health

Improve Sleep Quality

Is It Good to Take Fish Oil Every Day?

It’s recommended that you consume fish once or twice a week as part of a healthy diet. If fish is not readily available in the diet, it may be wise to add fish oil and omega-3 supplements to your daily regimen.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take Every Day?

According to the World Health Organization, the recommended daily allowance of fish oil is between 0.2 and 0.5 grams (200 to 500 milligrams), of combined EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) forms of omega-3s from fish oil. Since fish oil works with your dietary fats for absorption, try to take it with a meal that includes some form of healthy fat.

How Long Does It Take for Omega-3s to Work?

Typically, you can expect to notice the effects of regular supplementation with fish oil and omega-3 anywhere from six weeks to six months after you start taking it.

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