Easy Halloween Kid's Costume: Ninja

  Get your little warrior ready for Halloween with a no-sew costume that's a snap to pull together with faux-leather armor and a ninja sword holder for the most serious of all ninjas.


  Cheri Heaton

  By: Cheri Heaton

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  black shirt and pants

  1/2 yard black synthetic leather

  red 3-D fabric paint

  black balaclava

  black sneakers


  kid's ninja sword

  black Velcro

  hot glue gun and glue sticks

  large sheet of paper

  Create Pattern for Armor

  Lay the ninja costume wearer on top of large sheet of paper and trace outline of upper body with pencil (Image 1). Use outline to sketch armor. Shoulders should extend just beyond normal shoulder size and round down (Image 2). Continue outline down just inside the width of the body, extending the lines 3" below waist. Outline pattern with marker for clarity, then cut out pattern (Image 3). Tip: Fold paper in half lengthwise to ensure that the pattern created is symmetrical.

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Make Leather Armor

  Fold synthetic leather in half, then place pattern on leather with shoulders placed on the fold (Image 1). Trace pattern onto leather, then cut out outline. Cut out head opening with a V in the front and rounded in the back making a raindrop-shape when armor is opened (Image 2). Try on child and enlarge hole until the fit is correct. Outline edges of armor with 3-D red fabric paint (Image 3). Add additional lines to create visual interest. Cut two parallel diagonal slits across the back of the armor so that the sword can be slipped through (Image 4).

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Create Belt

  Measure child's waist and add one inch to the measurement. Cut leather strip to that length with a 2" width. Cut 2" strip of Velcro. Hot glue one side of Velcro to end of belt. Glue opposing side of Velcro to other end of belt as shown (Image 1). Create belt loops for belt on armor by making two slits for each loop as shown, then cut four belt loops and lace belt through them (Image 2).

  Cheri Heaton

  Cheri Heaton

  Dress Ninja

  Dress child in black sweatshirt and sweatpants or a set of black thermals. Add a balaclava and slip on the faux-leather armor and sword.

  Cheri Heaton


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