Fish Oil

Differences Between Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil

The main ingredients of fish oil are DHA and EPA. Fish oil belongs to health food or common food.

According to the definition in the industry standard, fish oil refers to the oil separated from the by-products of fish and aquatic products processing, and then the product obtained after processing. In short, the oil obtained from fish can be called fish oil.

The content of EPA and unsaturated fatty acid DHA in fish oil with higher quality will be higher. DHA is one of the indispensable nutrients for infant growth and development. It can promote children's brain development and visual development.

The main components of cod liver oil are vitamin A and vitamin D. Cod liver oil belongs to drugs or health food.

Cod liver oil seems to be linked with fish oil. In fact, their main components and functions are different.

1. Composition Differences

The main component of fish oil is polyunsaturated fatty acid. It contains EPA, DHA and other effective components. The main components of cod liver oil are vitamin A and vitamin D. So, there are great differences in the main components of the two. And there will be great differences in efficacy.

2. Efficacy Differences

The fatty acids contained in fish oil can help remove harmful substances from blood vessels. It is the main effect of fish oil. It has good effects in helping prevent arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke and other problems. And it can avoid thrombosis.

The main effect of cod liver oil is to prevent rickets. It can maintain the normal strength of the human body. The effect of helping bone development is obvious. It is mainly used to meet the growth needs of children.

3. Suitable Crowd

Fish oil is suitable for people who are troubled by high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood lipids, asthma, arthritis and gout. However, pregnant women, children and breast-feeding female friends cannot improve the problem by taking fish oil.

Cod liver oil is used to prevent or solve the problem of vitamin D and vitamin A deficiency. Cod liver oil is used to help children supplement calcium. Its suitable population is children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women. And it is suitable for other people who need vitamin A and vitamin D supplements.

According to the explanation of pharmacopoeia, cod liver oil is a fatty oil proposed in the liver of non-toxic marine fish such as shark. After some solid fat is removed at about zero degrees Celsius, it is adjusted the overall concentration with a higher concentration of cod liver oil, vegetable oil or vitamin D and vitamin A.

In fact, cod liver oil is not all extracted from nature. Synthetic vitamin A and vitamin D are added to it. Cod liver oil and vitamin AD drops have certain coincidence in composition. However, their proportions are different. The ratio of vitamin A and vitamin D in cod liver oil is 10: 1. The ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D in vitamin AD drops is 3: 1.

If you only want to supplement DHA, you can buy fish oil. If you only want to supplement vitamin A and vitamin D, you can buy vitamin AD drops or cod liver oil. And if you want to supplement both at the same time, you can buy cod liver oil. Attention should be paid to the distribution ratio. Don't make up for excessive amounts.

Eric Carter