Fish Oil

Can Pets Eat Fish Oil to Cure Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss from pet dogs, this is a big pain for all dog owners. Among them, the dogs that love to lose their hair are Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Husky, Border Shepherd, Sheltie, Corgi, Pomeranian, etc. Especially in the moulting season, we are helping dogs shed their hair almost every day. These dogs even shed their hair twice a year. Today we will talk about why dogs love to shed hair and how to care for them to reduce hair loss!

Why does the dog lose hair?

1. Seasonal Moult

Generally, dogs start moulting from March to May in spring and summer, and from September to November in autumn and winter. Because of seasonal changes, the climate will get warmer or colder. In autumn and winter, dogs will change their coarse fur into fluff to resist the cold winter. In spring and summer, when the weather becomes hot, dogs will change their fluff to regulate their body temperature. This is normal hair loss!

2. Puppies and Pregnant Dogs

Underage puppies begin to change hair about 3-4 months old. Dogs will take off their fetal hair and replace it with permanent new hair. Due to the different breeding environment of dogs, the time will vary. The female dog will lose hair after giving birth. The loss of nutrition in the body will cause a large area of hair loss on the dog's back. These are normal hair loss.

How to improve pet hair loss?

1. Comb Its Hair Frequently

We can help the dog comb its hair regularly or every day. Combing the hair can brush off all the old dandruff and dead hair on the dog's body. Combing hair can also help dogs evenly distribute the natural oil secreted by skin on every inch of skin. As long as you comb its hair frequently, many dandruff problems can be solved naturally!

2. Take Regular Baths

Bathing can well remove the old dandruff accumulated on the dog's skin. But don't take a bath too often. Basically, it is about once every seven to ten days in spring and summer, and once every ten to twenty days in autumn and winter. Be sure to use a pet-specific shower gel. And it is best to give your dog a medicated bath regularly!

The greatest use of salmon oil is to maintain fur, brighten eyes, protect heart and improve eyesight, etc. Salmon oil is a common Omega-3 fatty acid health product. Its Omega-3 content is as high as 36%. Regular consumption of salmon oil can beautify hair, protect skin and reduce hair loss. It can protect skin health and relieve joint pain at the same time. Salmon oil is a daily nutritional necessity for dogs. Small dogs such as Teddy, Bee Bear and Golden Retriever can eat salmon oil.

Fish oil is relatively pure and easy for dogs to absorb, thus quickly supplementing nutrition. It can beautify and enhance hair color and promote hair growth. It can protect skin health, lubricate joints and relieve pain. And it can nourish the health of the heart, brain and eyes, enhance cell vitality, tissue regeneration and body metabolism, and improve immunity.

Eric Carter