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19 Marvelous Protein Powder Uses – Much More Fun Than a Boring Shake

Did you know protein powder could be used for a great deal more than smoothies and shakes?

I wasn’t aware of this until I began watching the YouTube channel, Cooking with a Comedian. He makes delicious food, some of which is healthier, and used protein powder for baking.

It made me curious how else I could use protein powder to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.

I found there are multiple protein powder uses, and I wanted to share them with you. Here’s how you can use protein powder in a non-traditional way.

Marvelous Protein Powder Uses

1. Time to Bake

I was amazed when I found you could make delicious baked goods and make them healthier for you by substituting flour for protein powder.

In the recipe for Soul Bread, they use whey protein powder as a low carb option to replace the flour. It looks delicious, and you don’t have the guilt.

2. Delicious Pudding

I follow a low-carb diet because of doctor recommendation, but it can be tough. When I get a sweet tooth, no-sugar pudding is what I turn to.

After finding this recipe for protein pudding, I must give it a try. It’s filled with protein powder and sugar-free chocolate chips.

3. Frozen Coffee, Anyone?

Frozen coffee is my favorite way of indulging in protein powder. I’m not a huge fan of almond milk, or plain protein shakes made with water.

Instead, I use two cups of coffee, ice, two scoops of chocolate or vanilla protein powder, and about 1/3 of a cup of heavy cream. It’s mixed in a blender and tastes like a delicious iced coffee beverage.

4. Rich Fudge

Do you want to indulge in fudge without carrying the guilt? Consider a different fudge recipe or add protein powder to your own recipe.

I found a recipe for sugar-free peanut butter chocolate fudge made from whey protein powder. There’s also a nut-free option.

5. Ice, Ice Baby

Have you ever considered feeling good this summer when you pull out your ice cream bowl and decide to fill it to the brim?

You can by making a recipe for homemade ice cream which includes protein powder and has less sugar. It can turn an old-fashioned treat into a healthy option too.

6. Start Your Day Right

Oatmeal is an old-fashioned breakfast option which can be pretty filling if you incorporate the right goods.

Your morning oatmeal can help you stay fuller longer if you add protein powder. Consider adding a few antioxidant ingredients to it as well.

7. Protein in a Ball

I shared a recipe on my social media account a few years ago because I thought it looked good. It was for protein balls.

My mother saw the recipe and made them. She asked me later if I ever made them, which I hadn’t. She said, “Protein balls are great for staying full. I made those you shared, and they stayed with me!” If you’re looking for a protein-packed snack, give protein balls a try.

8. Protein Filled Pancakes

I don’t get to enjoy pancakes frequently because I do try to stick to a high-protein and low-sugar diet. This makes pancakes hard to fit in.

However, you can make pancakes with protein powder which makes them a healthier option overall, if you enjoy them for breakfast.

9. Cookies for Breakfast?

I struggle to get used to the idea of having a breakfast cookie. It feels as though you’re doing something wrong when in reality, you’re giving your body good ingredients.

You can give your body an even better start to the day by incorporating protein powder into your breakfast cookies.

10. Truffles

Truffles are delicious little balls of goodness. When you have a sweet tooth, they’re a great way to take care of it because, with only one truffle popped into your mouth, your sweet quota has been met.

You can make truffles to give your body a protein boost. Protein powder truffles are a great snack you won’t regret eating, and they take only minutes to make.

11. Protein on the Go

Eating protein on the go is one guaranteed way to make sure you take in the approximate 50 grams most of us need daily.

You can do this if you make protein bars. This is possible with a solid recipe and protein powder.

12. Protein Packed Donuts

When we go on vacation, one of my favorite places to visit is a little donut shop at the beach we frequent.

Imagine if you could partake in donuts more frequently because they were high protein? Thanks to protein powder and this recipe you can.

13. Guacamole

I’m a huge fan of guacamole. It may look funny because it’s thick and green, but it tastes terrific on chips, vegetables, and anything else you decide to throw it on.

Did you know you can up your protein by tossing in protein powder to a homemade guacamole recipe? It’s delicious!

14. Throw It in Coffee

Protein powder doesn’t have to be baked in or even the centerpiece to work in a recipe. Instead, you can use it in a typical way every day.

If you’re a coffee drinker, the same way you add cream and sugar to your coffee, stir in a little protein powder for an added boost.

15. Protein Can Warm You Up

When the weather gets cold outside, soup can be an easy go-to recipe. You can add more protein to any soup you want by stirring in protein powder.

It may not sound like a typical soup ingredient, but give it a try and form your own opinion on the matter.

16. Hummus

I’m not a huge fan of hummus, but my parents eat it like it’s going out of style. If you’re a fan of hummus too, you’ll be interested to know protein powder can be used here too.

You can stir it into your homemade hummus recipe for an added boost of protein.

17. Protein Cake in a Mug

If you’re a fan of easy dessert recipes, you’ve probably heard the recipes for the cake in a mug. It’s a small portion, but perfect for a quick dessert or snack.

As if the invention of the cake in a mug wasn’t genius enough, recipes have now been developed (using protein powder) to make high protein cake in a mug.

18. Slip it in Pizza

Do you love pizza? Would you like to make it a little healthier? I don’t blame you. We all want to feel good about what we’re putting into our bodies.

You can put protein powder into the pizza crust of your favorite pizza and amp up the amount of protein without a ton of added effort.

19. Protein Candy

Don’t assume because you’re following a high-protein diet you must toss out everything you love. In reality, you have to change the ingredients you use but can still have the foods you love.

For instance, if you love candy, you can utilize protein powder to make delicious candy bars, or even for making homemade peanut butter (Buckeyes) candy balls.

I hope you now look at your protein powder in a whole different light. As you can see, the ways to utilize it are almost limitless.

After experimenting with these protein powder uses, you may become brave enough to create your own tasty ways to use protein powder in more ways throughout your diet. Protein is something our bodies need to remain healthy, and we should fit it in wherever possible.

15 Best Ways To Use Protein Powder With a Twist

Earlier, it was believed that protein powders are only used by bodybuilders or people who wanted to gain muscle and strength. With changing times and new advancements in protein powder types, the perception of using protein powder has changed. People have started using protein powders beyond the gym and have started incorporating it into their everyday lives.

Today, we will take you through exciting and best ways to use protein powder! These recipes will not only fulfill your body’s daily protein requirement but will also keep you fit and healthy! Let’s ditch the regular protein powder shakes and get cooking recipes that can be consumed and enjoyed by all!

15 Delicious & Healthy Ways To Use Protein Powder

1. Protein Powder Pancakes

Pancakes that are made with protein powder? Super healthy and super creative! Yes, your favorite breakfast can now be more nutritious and tastier. All you need is four simple ingredients- banana, chocolate protein powder, egg, and baking powder. That’s it, and a protein-filled pancake is ready.

Pro tip: You can also use vanilla flavored protein-powder if chocolate pancakes are not your thing.

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2. Protein Cocoa Muffins

Who doesn’t love choco muffins to munch on while having tea/coffee or craving something sweet! Well, you can now make a healthier muffin by adding a little whey protein into your muffin recipe. This is a perfect snack for people on a diet, and it will also keep you filled for a long time!

Pro tip: Replace regular flour with oat flour and make this dish gluten free.

3. Protein Rich Waffles

Gone are the days when waffles used to be a dessert item and full of calories! You can now make waffles that are healthy and protein rich. Use ingredients like casein protein, bananas and coconut flour that add natural sweetness to the waffles and avoid empty calories that sugar brings.

Pro tip: You can serve these waffles with chopped fruits and nuts!

4. Protein-Filled Smoothie Bowl

Add a scoop of whey protein into your favorite smoothie recipe and blend. Make a smoothie bowl for yourself by adding fruits, nuts, and seeds on the top of the smoothie, and voila! A healthy and flavorful breakfast is ready.

Pro Tip: Whey protein can be challenging to mix and blend, so you may mix whey protein with little water first and then add this mixture to the smoothie blend.

5. Protein Bars

As the name suggests, you can make protein-rich bars at home with flavored plant based protein powder and snack on it anytime you want! These are perfect workout snacks and also ideal for midday snacking. People of all age groups love a delicious bar, and that applies here too!

Pro Tip: Try swapping stevia or maple syrup with sugar while preparing these bars to make them healthier.

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6. Protein Chapati: Protein Powder Mix For Atta

A new and fresh way to include protein in your diet is here! It’s also the best way to feed protein to your whole family without doing anything extra. All you need to do is add the protein powder mix for atta in your regular flour to make chapatis/Rotis. With this, you will have protein-filled rotis that will boost your health and keep you fit.

Pro Tip: Add one scoop of protein mix for every five scoops of atta.

7. Protein-Rich Chocolate Cookies

This cookie recipe is one of the easiest cookie recipes ever! With a few ingredients like banana, chocolate chips, oatmeal, and chocolate protein powder, you can make these scrumptious cookies at home!

Pro Tip: You can get creative here and add nuts and berries that you like for an extra boost in the flavor!

8. Oatmeal With Protein Powder

Oatmeal in itself is such a healthy dish. Now, imagine oatmeal made with protein powder! Double the taste and double the nutrition. You can add plant-based vanilla protein powder for a unique and delicious dish that’s ready in five minutes! It’s easy to make and requires very little cooking time as well.

Pro Tip: While you can relish this dish any time, we recommend using it as a breakfast because it gives the perfect boost to your day! Also, it’s vegan and gluten-free.

9. Protein-Packed Pudding

Another best way to use a protein powder that’s a winner and is loved by all! To prepare, all you need is a chocolate protein powder, almond milk, greek yogurt, and stevia. That’s it! This four ingredients super simple pudding recipe is a winner, and we bet you’ll love it!

Pro Tip: Puddings ideally take time to set, so refrigerate them for about an hour or more before eating.

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10. Protein Pizza Crust

Are you a pizza fan but worried about the pizza bread that’s filled with calories? You don’t worry any longer. You can make pizza crust at home that is filled with protein and tastes classic. The best way to make your pizza crust protein-rich is by adding pea protein into the making.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have pea protein, you can also use hemp protein.

11. Protein Mug Cake

This instant mug cake recipe will leave you licking your spoon with every bite! In your regular mug cake, add whey protein powder, and enjoy! You can customize your flavor according to your taste by using either chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder.

Pro Tip: To make this low-carb recipe, use stevia and keto flour instead of sugar and all-purpose flour.

12. Protein Shake With A Twist

Who said that protein shakes need to be bland and boring? You can create your protein shake as you like it! Add whey protein powder, chia seeds, banana, and peanut butter with milk and blend! A classic peanut butter protein powder shake is ready for you to indulge in it.

Pro Tip: This protein-rich shake is ideal to consume pre or post-workout as it will provide you with extra strength.

13. Banana Protein Bread

Banana bread can never go out of trend, so why not make it healthy? This protein-rich banana bread can be the go-to evening snack that you can enjoy with your tea or coffee. It’s best to use whey protein to make this recipe. It’s healthy, easy to make, and tastes fantastic!

Pro Tip: Use oat flour to make this recipe gluten-free.

14. Protein Hummus

Hummus that has a boost of protein is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? You can use plant-based protein to make hummus. All you have to do is add the protein powder to your hummus recipe. It will be the best and the most nutritious dip that you ever had!

Pro Tip: If you have flavored protein powder, you may use it to create a dessert hummus recipe.

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15. Protein Coffee/Matcha Tea

It sounds crazy, but it’s genuine and effective! You can add your favorite vanilla protein powder to your coffee or matcha tea! If you’re a fitness lover and you want to make your beverage more healthy and protein-rich, this one’s for you!

Pro Tip: We suggest adding protein powder into hot water and then adding the mixture into the coffee/matcha tea.

Protein powder is a versatile ingredient, and it can be included in one’s diet in various ways! Whether it’s for breakfast, meals, or dessert, you can create many recipes using protein powder. You don’t necessarily have to be a gym lover or an athlete to try these recipes; regular people can also try these healthy recipes and fulfill their protein requirements in a tasty way! So, let’s get cooking and say cheers to eating healthily and living happily!

Protein powder pros and cons

(CNN) Protein powders are expected to be a $7.5 billion industry by 2020, and the products are popular for a wide variety of reasons: Vegetarians might feel that their diets are somewhat lacking, athletes may want to add muscle faster or aim for a competitive edge, and still others might be looking for a quick meal that isn't dripping with grease.

And there's an equally wide variety of products on the market. Here's what you should know about protein powders.

Protein is an important building block for muscle as well as hair, skin and nails. Powders are dehydrated forms from sources such as milk, soy or plants. They're typically mixed with water or other beverages, or they can be added to foods to boost protein content.

Athletes' protein needs can be up to twice those of the average person because of the energy they expend and the process of breaking down, repairing and building muscle. Many vegans also use protein powders in lieu of animal-based sources such as meat, dairy or eggs.

The recommended dietary allowance for protein is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight each day, which translates to 54 grams for a 150-pound person.

However, "I think those estimates are a little conservative," nutritionist and health journalist Lisa Drayer said, "because as you get older, you lose muscle mass, and it's important to consume an adequate amount of protein to preserve muscle mass, even if you're not an athlete." She recommends that the average adult get 20% to 25% of their calories from protein: 100 to 125 grams for a person on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Protein needs vary by the individual; older adults or those recovering from surgery or illness might need more.

Protein powder pros

Convenience is the top benefit protein powders offer, especially for athletes or those looking to supplement their diets. "Even athletes who have some of the highest needs can meet their needs through foods," said Drayer, who also writes about nutrition for CNN. "It's really like, do you want to bring the yogurt and nuts after running a half-marathon, or would you rather have the protein supplement there?"

Similarly, "if you're just low on protein and you just don't have the appetite for a chicken breast for dinner, it's just a nice way to mix into smoothies or oatmeal or baked goods."

As a nutrient, protein is very filling, which can help you avoid overeating later, and it preserves muscle to keep your metabolism running at its peak. Powders might offer a bit of a metabolic advantage if they are low in calories.

Most powders contain whey, soy or casein, high-quality proteins containing all nine essential amino acids that the body can't make on its own.

Protein powder cons

Too much protein -- starting at about 35% of daily calories -- can lead to health issues such as nausea, cramps, fatigue, headaches and bloating. Some experts think it can cause the kidneys to have to work harder, leading to complications for those with existing kidney problems, or increase calcium excretion, causing bone loss. Dehydration is also a risk for those consuming a lot of protein.

Many of these products contain added oils, sugars, probiotics or amino acids. Sugars and oils can mean more calories, potentially leading to weight gain. However, the labels can have unverified claims or be difficult to decode.

"One I saw had brown rice syrup solids. It had 20 grams of sugar: That's 5 teaspoons of sugar," Drayer said. "Clearly, it's not just protein."

Some protein powders may contain unlisted ingredients such as stimulants or even steroids. "Often, consumers are not very discriminating in which ones they use," said Larry Walker , emeritus director of the National Center for Natural Products Research and emeritus professor of pharmacology at the University of Mississippi. "It's more marketing than, really, a careful look at the labels and understanding the product."

Certain plants can absorb heavy metals from the soil that are then passed along in protein powder if not screened well, he said.

"The other things that are added in are just often difficult to gauge, and they may be just ineffective, just a waste of money, but there could be those things that can be dangerous."

How to get the most out of protein powder

A dietitian can help you decide whether protein powder is the best bet for your diet or whether you're getting enough nutrients from food alone. A doctor can keep an eye on potential protein-related health concerns with your kidneys or your calcium intake.

If you add protein to your diet, be sure to add plenty of fluids to head off dehydration. Read product labels and be sure you understand what you're consuming. "If you want protein supplements, you want to look for those things that are protein supplements, from soy or whey or casein or whatever mixtures it might be," Walker advised. "But stay away from the extraneous ingredients."

He also says consumers should be wary of hype marketing claims such as rapidly gaining muscle or losing weight. "Look for good-quality products or well-established companies in the nutrition field, and use these in moderation."

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Most people's protein needs can simply be met through food, Drayer says: One container of Greek yogurt and a handful of almonds contains 24 grams, the same as one serving of some protein supplements. She also recommends low-fat milk powder as a convenient, inexpensive alternative to protein powders.

"It's still important to consume whole foods, because they provide a variety of nutrients as well as fiber," Drayer said. Protein powders are "really meant as a supplement."

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